APT and Mitsui Chemicals Europe Forge New Partnership to Promote ADMER Tie Layer Resin

Advanced Polymer Trading FZC has joined forces with Mitsui Chemicals to market, sell and distribute Mitsui’s new adhesive resin ADMER.

Advanced Polymer Trading (APT), an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber, plastics and petrochemicals, has entered into an agreement with Mitsui Chemicals Europe to market, sell and distribute Mitsui’s new adhesive resin ADMER. ADMER adhesive resin is a functionally modified polyolefin that serves as a tie layer in multilayer applications such as films, tubes, bottles, sheets, pipes, tanks or as coupling agent in various composites.

Mitsui Chemicals Europe, which is part of its parent Mitsui Chemicals Group, serves the European, Middle East and African markets and perfectly fits the sectors and markets targeted by APT. Its European headquarter is located in Dusseldorf which is home to the biggest Japanese community in Europe.

ADMER is a tie layer resin and by thermal reaction adheres to Polyamide (PA), EVOH, Polystyrene (PS), Polyester (PET, PETG), Polycarbonate (PC), Polyolefins (PP, PE) and metals such as steel and aluminium. ADMER provides excellent adhesion durability allowing ADMER and the bonded substrate to be boiled and hot filled. Also as ADMER is based on polyolefins or copolymers, it retains the physical properties of each polyolefin or copolymer including mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and recyclability.

To kick-off the agreement Mitsui Chemicals Europe recently joined APT at ArabPlast 2011 and provided pre-sales support and technical advice on ADMER.