APT and EVAL Europe nv Enter Into New Partnership to Promote EVAL Resins

Advanced Polymer Trading FZC has teamed up with EVAL Europe nv to market, sell and distribute EVAL resins.

Advanced Polymer Trading (APT), an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber, plastics and petrochemicals, has entered into an agreement with EVAL Europe nv to market, sell and distribute EVAL resins. EVAL, which is the registered trademark for the ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resins are characterised by their excellent processability and outstanding barrier properties.

EVAL polymers are particularly suited for food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural & industrial packaging and automotive applications which perfectly fits the sectors and applications targeted by APT.

“We are very pleased and excited to be working with EVAL Europe” said Mr. Hamid Amiri, APT’s Managing Director. “EVAL is a great product and we are expecting lots of customer interest.”

One of the major applications of EVAL is as a functional barrier in food packaging. Keeping oxygen out, an EVAL layer preserves the flavour and the quality of the food. Even in cases where the food is more stable or specially treated, such as baby milk, EVAL barrier properties can be used to protect sensitive vitamin content.