APT Looking to Expand Product Range; Searches for PVC Impact Modifier Supplier

Advanced Polymer Trading is searching for a first class PVC impact modifier supplier as it expands it’s product range in the Middle East.

Advanced Polymer Trading (APT), an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber, plastics and petrochemicals, is pleased to announce its intention to expand its product range in the Middle East. To do so, APT is seeking to partner with PVC impact modifier suppliers.

APT currently partners with many international rubber, plastic and chemical suppliers and enables manufacturers to enter the Middle Eastern markets helped by APT’s years of experience, local representation and highly capable technical support staff.

To expand it’s product range APT are seeking partners to fulfil the market demands for PVC impact modifiers. Impact modifiers are elastomers that are added to PVC to absorb mechanical energy. Once added they give impact strength to the inherently brittle PVC, with minimal negative influence on its other mechanical properties.

APT have successfully introduced hundreds of different products into the Middle East including chemicals, plastics, paints and additives. It’s clients come for a broad range of different sectors including automotive, packaging, construction and agricultural.