Advanced Polymer Trading Launches New Initiative to Promote UV Masterbatch in new Industries

Advanced Polymer Trading has launched a new program to underline the uses and abilities of UV stabilizers and absorbers in a variety of different applications including agricultural film and BCF yarn.

Advanced Polymer Trading, an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber and plastics, is pleased to announce its new initiative to promote the different uses of UV stabilizers and absorbers across a variety of applications including agricultural film, BCF yarn, greenhouse materials and a broad spectrum of injection moulding applications.

APT works closely with its Masterbatch supplier AKSOY PLASIK to provide the very latest and most advanced UV Masterbatches for a variety of materials including PET, PBT and POM.

Ultraviolet light, which is found naturally in sunlight, not only affects people’s skin but it can also interact with different plastic compounds. The use of UV stabilizers and absorbers can mitigate these reactions and substantially reduce the degradation due to solar radiation.

AKSOY’s UV Masterbatches can be used in a wide range of industries including agriculture and food packaging. Its applications include woven sacks, raffia tapes, BCF yarn, agricultural greenhouse film, trash cans and garden furniture.

The use of UV Masterbatches helps protect polymers against the degradation caused by Ultraviolet light, as well as avoiding discoloration while improving processability.