Advanced Polymer Trading to Increase R&D Staff and Equipment to Better Serve its Customers

APT is allocating more resources from its 2014 budget to expand its research and development unit. As a result the company will add more staff and extra equipment.

Advanced Polymer Trading, an international trading company specialising in the world wide trade of rubber and plastics, has announced a significant increase in the money allocated to its research and development department for 2014.

The increased budget will be used for extra staff and equipment and allow the company to work on more R&D projects. APT works closely with its supply partners on projects which help expand the markets for the various chemical, plastic, rubber and modifier products that it trades.

APT has a proven track record in providing value added services to customers via its expertise in technical sales and R&D. Part of APT’s Research and Development department is the “APT Lab”, a high-tech facility used for plastic and polymer R&D.

Employing Ph.D. polymer scientists and a team of well trained application engineers and technicians, the APT Lab offers one of the best facilities for plastic and rubber R&D within the Middle East.