Kisuma® 5 Flame Retardant

Kisuma® 5 flame retardant grade magnesium hydroxide is an alternative to bromine or phosphorous based compounds. Kisuma® 5 is an inorganic flame retardant and unlike traditional flame retardants it does not generate toxic or corrosive gas. Adding halogenated hydrocarbons and antimony trioxide to plastic materials to increase flame resistance has never been an ideal solution. The processing of these materials can create smoke and toxic fumes as well as corrode the molding machinery due to acid formation.

Similarly, the dehydration of substances like aluminum hydroxide at about 180°C make them an unsuitable additive to thermoplastic resins which may experience higher processing temperatures. For example PP has a molding temperature of at least 200°C.

However, KISUMA 5, one of the latest inorganic products of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a superior magnesium hydroxide based flame retardant for all thermoplastic resins which begins to dehydrate only at around 340°C.

Some of the features of magnesium hydroxide which make it almost a perfect choice as an additive to thermoplastics are:

  • superior as a flame retardant
  • effective as a heat stabilizer for halogen containing resins
  • excellent for use with all thermoplastic resins
  • eliminates toxic gas emission and educes smoke emission
  • improves arc and tracking resistance
  • reinforces falling ball impact strength
  • improves MFI, flexural modulus, Izod impact strength and some other physical and mechanical properties of the resins

The superfine and not aggregating particles of KISUMA 5 have superior compatibility with plastics. This guarantees the production of high quality composites.

KISUMA® 5 features include:

  • KISUMA 5A : Good water and acid-resistivity (for Polyolefin).
  • KISUMA 5B : Excellent low temperature flexibility and mechanical properties (for Polyolefin).
  • KISUMA 5B-1 : Excellent tensile strength (for Polyolefin).
  • KISUMA E : Good polyamide compatibility (for Nylon).
  • KISUMA 5J : Excellent water and acid-resistivity (for Polyolefin).

Kisuma® 5 is a trademark of Kisuma Chemicals.

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