Additives Masterbatch

Aksoy Plastik design, manufacture and selling a vast range of plastic additives for every type of market. From Processing Aids (PPA) for LLDPE, HDPE, PP and PA to Flame Retardants, Aksoy specialize in plastic additives to improve the performance characteristics of all the popular plastic compounds.

For the food processing industry Aksoy supplies O2 and CO2 gas absorbers for keeping food fresh, along with Ultraviolet absorbers and stabilizers, antifog additives and antimicrobial additives to prevent bacteria and moulds from spreading.

Other additives available from Aksoy are:

  • Oxo-Degradable Additives for PE, PP, PS and PET
  • Slip, Antiblock, Non Migrating Slip, Antislip, Antistick
  • Antistatics and Antifogs, Corrosion Inhibitors (VPCI)
  • Paper Effect, Twist Effect
  • Nucleating Agents, Clarifiers, Blowing Agents
  • Greenhouse: Chemical Resistant UV, IR Absorber, Antifog, Antistatic, Light Diffuser
  • Anti – Counterfeit and Laser Marking Additives
  • Desiccant, Purge and Shutt-off Compounds
  • Scents, Bad Odour Absorber

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