Tie Layer – ADMER®

ADMER® adhesive resin is a functionally modified polyolefin that serves as a tie layer in multilayer applications such as films, tubes, bottles, sheets, pipes, tanks or as coupling agent in various composites.

ADMER, which is available in pellet or powder form, is designed to bond to Polyamide (PA), EVOH, Polystyrene (PS), Polyester (PET, PETG), Polycarbonate (PC), Polyolefins (PP, PE) and metals such as steel and aluminium. It also provides excellent adhesion durability allowing ADMER and the bonded substrate to be boiled and hot filled.

Also as ADMER is based on polyolefins or copolymers, it retains the physical properties of each polyolefin or copolymer including mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and recyclability.

ADMER® is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Group.

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