Advanced Polymer Trading Adds a Twin Screw Compounder to its R&D Lab

APT has added a co-rotating twin screw extruder / compounder for laboratory applications as part of its plan to upgrade its research and development facility.

Advanced Polymer Trading, an international trading company specializing in the world wide trade of rubber and plastics, is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its research and development laboratory with a co-rotating twin screw extractor / compounder.

The new compounder is designed for use inside APT’s R&D lab and allows APT’s scientists and engineers to blend and test different plastic compounds. The results from these pilot runs can then be used for full scale production.

The machine has an output rate of 20-60 kilograms per hour which is more than sufficient for pilot scale production. Together with its raw material suppliers APT has already started to develop different compounds for a variety of applications.

APT will focus on working with its customers to develop Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) compounds as well as Alpha olefin copolymers for customized applications.

APT’s research and development lab is one of the leading facilities for plastic and polymer research in the Middle East. Using techniques such as laboratory scale extrusion compounding and small scale processing. APT is able to offer its customers comprehensive and precise results.